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What is A Mentorship Program:

Coaches: Are you looking for your team to consistently perform at their optimal level? Maybe it's time to raise their standards to get better results...

So many athletes today struggle with their confidence and ability to believe in themselves every day! At the most basic level confidence is the ability to turn thoughts into actions...

At the college level the majority of your athletes can "think" about the results they desire but struggle with the right actions that follow.

This is where the right mentor can your team's greatest gift. The right mentor is the greatest gift you can give your athletes!

Chloe Widner and Ryan

Caroline Herry, Ryan and Kiya Johnson

A common misbelief is that your team is already doing this with a sports psychologist on staff.

This is much different than a sports psychologist and as a former college athlete one of the major reasons we developed this program.

Athletes craves empowerment but so many athletes lack the identity and self-awareness to feel empowered. 

Mentorship with your team is laying the foundation (build trust and rapport), create openness and confidence (vulnerability) to then stand stronger and taller (Feel Empowered) as a person and athlete. Ultimately performance, winning and championships tend to take care of themselves!
Hey my name is Ryan Romano and for over a decade have been mentoring athletes and teams across the country.

Not that long ago I was a college athlete and struggled with feeling lost, confused, depressed and suicidal...

After spending years working through this I found that the root cause was the lack of identity. I came to learn that whether it's better athletic performance, better relationships or business it usually starts with your identity as a person.

So then I wanted to know if other college kids were experiencing similar feelings and emotions. I paid $20,000 and hired an independent research company to find the answer...

The results were scary. So many college kids are dealing with the feelings of stress, anxiety, worry and sadness. Not only affecting who they are as a person but their performance as an athlete too!

So that lead to the creation of our High Performance and Mentorship program to help athletes ignite their confidence, mindset and performance!

In a recent study done by The American College Health Association, in the last 12 months students:

  • 53.1% Felt Hopeless
  • ​63.2% Felt very Lonely
  • ​41.4% Felt so Depressed difficult to Function
  • ​62.3 Felt Overwhelming Anxiety
  • ​11.3% Seriously Considered Suicide
The data is pretty scary and even worse most people do not want to talk about what is happening...

When you can guide kids to understanding they are the creator of their own reality that's when they take back control of their lives.

Within the program guiding them away from pain and towards pleasure in life and sports...

Learning to create the identity they desire. Stop obsessing over certain outcomes/results. Creating certainty about their future.

Building confidence and standing up for yourself. Knowing how valuable and worthy you are. These things are real and lasting change!

Results from Mentorship Program in 2022

TWU Gymnastics National Champions

Oregon State Gymnastics Regular Season PAC-12 Champions

"Repairing The Identity Crisis": TEDX Video

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